Patanjali takes u-turn on coronavirus drugs claims, says no such medicine made

Patanjali on Tuesday gave clarification on medicine claiming cure to coronavirus saying that it never said to have made any such medicine. Writing to Uttrakhand Drug department, Patanjali also denied allegations which claimed that the ayurvedic product making company has made a medicine named 'Corona kit'.

Patanjali said, ''That it is denied, we have made any medicine named as "Corona Kit". We have only packed the following medicines "Divya Swasari Vati", "Divya Coronil Tablet" & "Divya Anu Tail" in a shipping/packaging carton for shipping purposes. Further, we have not commercially sold any kit named "Coronil Kit" nor we have publicized it against the treatment of Corona (COVID- 19), instead of that we have only promoted the successful trial of the medicine before media."

In the statement, Patanjali also said that it only shared about the benefits of the medicine and its successful test on people and never said that it can cure coronavirus.

On Tuesday (June 23, 2020) Patanjali Ayurved launched 'corolin tablet' which is said to have constituents to cure coronavirus, claiming that the trail of the medicine was conducted on 280 patients and all were recovered.

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