Mother Saves 4-Year-Old Daughter From Kidnappers in East Delhi

A woman in east Delhi's Shakarpur fought two reportedly armed men who were trying to kidnap her four-year-old daughter. The incident was caught on CCTV and was widely shared on social media, with netizens lauding the mother's courage.

The CCTV footage which went viral, shows two men wearing helmets trying to kidnap the girl. While one man kept seated on his motorcycle, another man tried to grab the girl and escape on the motorcycle.

But the mother immediately ran after him and snatched her daughter from the man. She grabbed the motorcycle with one hand and held her daughter with the other hand. This forced the kidnappers to flee the spot.

The CCTV footage also shows how the woman's neighbors chased the men but they abandoned their motorcycle and somehow managed to escape.

Later, the police tracked one of the kidnappers Dheeraj from the motorcycle they had left behind. Police also arrested Upendra, the paternal uncle of the 4-year-old girl. Police said Upendra had planned the kidnapping and got his friend Dheeraj and his associate to kidnap the girl, in a bid to get money from his brother Tarun.

But Tarun's wife Sangeeta foiled their attempt by fighting the two armed men. While Dheeraj and Upendra have been arrested, Dheeraj's associate is reportedly on the run.

Police have reportedly seized a motorcycle with a fake number plate and a loaded country-made pistol.

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