India will win both battles —Covid-19 and China border — under PM Modi’s leadership: Amit Shah

Amid the surge in coronavirus cases and increased tensions with China, Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday exuded confidence that the country would overcome the two "Jung" (Battle) under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "Let me make it clear. Under PM Modi's leadership, India is going to win both the battles," he told ANI.

An interview with the news agency, The Union Minister was also asked about the presence of Chinese troops in the Indian territory. Stressing that it was not the appropriate time to comment, Shah added "briefings were going on and if the need arose, I would answer."

Home Minister Amit Shah
Home Minister Amit Shah

Shah used the occasion to come down heavily on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for indulging in "ochi rajiniti(shallow-minded politics)" under the current situation.

"Yes, we are fully capable of handling anti-India propaganda but it does pain when a former President of such a big political party does "ochi rajiniti (shallow-minded politics) at a time of problems," he said.

"It is a matter of self-introspection for him and Congress that his hashtag is being taken forward by Pakistan and China. You say what China and Pakistan like. And at this time of crisis," he added while referring to one of Gandhi's earlier remarks where he called the Prime Minister 'Surender Modi'.

Gandhi has sharpened his attack against the government after the Prime Minister claimed that there was no intrusion along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Showing the government's preparedness for a Parliament debate on the border issue, Shah said: "Parliament honi hai, charcha karni hai to aaiye, karenge. 1962 se aaj tak do-do haath ho jayein (let us discuss from 1962 war till now, ready for robust debate)."

On the Covid pandemic, Shah said: "The Government of India fought well against the pandemic. I can't advise Rahul Gandhi, that's the job of his party leaders. Some people are vakradrashti, they see wrong even in the right things. India has fought well against coronavirus and our figures are much better compared to the world," he added.

Shah also ruled out cases of community transmission in New Delhi. "There is no such situation (community transmission) in Delhi today, there is no need to worry," he told the news agency.

He added that he was in constant touch with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in the wake of the alarming rise in virus cases in the national capital. "There is coordination.

Arvind Kejriwal is always kept in the loop. He is also involved in decision-making. Some political statements may have been made but no impact on decision making," he said.

"The situation regarding the bodies of the victims in Delhi was grim. Over 350 bodies were pending for the last rites. We decided to complete the last rites within two days. Today, nobody is left for the last rites. Now, the last rituals are conducted on the same day," he added.