Congress red-faced again after Milind Deora tweets,'political mud-slinging on Chinese transgression'

New Delhi: Congress leader Milind Deora on Sunday (June 28) called for everyone to stay united and show support on the border issue with China at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Deora, without naming his party in his Twitter post, said we have become a spectacle in the world due to political mudslinging happening at the time of unification on the issue. 

The Congress leader said there is a need to unite against China at this crucial time.


"It's highly unfortunate that the national discourse surrounding the surge in Chinese transgressions has deteriorated into political mud-slinging. When we should be united in condemning China's actions & seeking solutions, we are exposing our divisions," the Congress leader tweeted.

Earlier NCP chief Sharad Pawar had also advised the Congress on the Sino-India border issue at LAC saying that there should be no politics about national security.

Deoria, in the recent past, has on several occasions took a different line from the party, giving rise to several speculations. 

On June 25, on the 45th anniversary of Emergency, declared by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi across India, Deora had taken to Twitter and shared a post that read, "The Emergency reminds us that democracies, when tested, fight back resiliently. This also applies to political parties. Democratic organizations adapt better & overcome challenges. Democracy is a constant work in progress, requiring commitment, sacrifice & honest introspection."

In April this year, he openly disagreed with former party president Rahul Gandhi on demand for passing on the benefits of the unprecedented fall in prices of international crude oil to consumers. Objecting to Gandhi and other party leaders' demand for passing gains of the record plunge in international crude oil prices to the consumers by reducing the petrol and diesel prices, Deora had questioned that who would benefit when no vehicles were plying on roads due to enforcement of lockdown restrictions.

Rahul Gandhi had tweeted in Hindi: "Prices of crude oil have fallen to unexpected levels in the world, yet why is petrol in our country sold at Rs 69, diesel at Rs 62. It is good that prices have fallen in this disaster. When will this government listen?"

Differing from Gandhi's opinion on the matter, Deora had tweeted on April 21, "India imports Brent crude - not WTI - currently priced at $21 per barrel. We will import less oil due to weakened demand. Falling rupees may also offset gains from low oil prices. Lastly, when cars, buses, trains, and airplanes are sitting idle, consumers can't gain from petrol and diesel price cuts." 

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